What got people talking this week — 1 April

Originally posted on O2’s internal Workplace on 1 April

1. The Suez Canal incident saw a flurry of memes.

Burger King got in on the act, but were accused of exploitation and bad manners, with Egyptian social media users launching the hashtag #BoycottBurgerKing as a result.

Burger King are well known for their provocative social media campaigns, but question marks over whether they may have done more harm than good with this one.

Burger King’s controversial ad of a whopper doble blocking the suez canal

The canal finally reopened after the giant stranded ship was freed and Kelloggs celebrated with a tongue in cheek social piece for All Bran, “Get Things Moving”

Kelloggs social media post showing an all-bran branded ship
Kelloggs social media post showing an all-bran branded ship

2. April Fools — an opportunity for mischief and fun, or tired and tedious? Brands continue to get involved on this crowded but popular calendar moment.

Volkswagen grabbed headlines for its rebrand to Voltswagen on Tuesday 30 March but had to apologise for “any confusion” as it admitted that an electric car PR stunt was an attempt at an April Fool’s joke.

Voltswagen spoof logo
Voltswagen spoof logo

A selection are below — let us know if you’ve fallen for one and what your favourite is!

I’m generally quite cynical about April Fools but like ones that you wish were real. My favourite this year was Duolingo’s toilet paper that teaches you phrases in new languages!

3. With its Finger Lickin’ Good slogan still on hold due to Covid, KFC is trying on some alternative taglines.

Some work particularly well (Red Bull) and overall it’s a fun piece of activity executed across social and OOH. It does a good job at getting people talking including the other brands who they got involved.

4. ASOS are trialling a new clothing donation scheme with Oxfam, encouraging customers to donate pre-loved clothing to the charity via Collect+. There are question marks around encouraging fast fashion and throw away culture, plus increasing carbon footprint with more plastic bags and vehicles on the road. ASOS could be doing more to outline their green credentials more broadly.

However, this feels overall a good scheme and perhaps something to consider around recycling or donating old devices with new orders.

In further green news, Google Maps announced it will highlight trips with the lowest emissions in an effort to combat climate change using traffic data and road inclines. It will be rolled out gradually, starting in the US and appear as default. A really good initiative that could make a difference. More info here


  • really enjoyed the tone of voice on these new Innocent smoothie product adsfun and quirky as we’ve come to expect from the brand
  • the future of OOH? Seen a few examples of this type of projection mapping now and it’s super impactful. One for Bubl to get involved in?

Happy Easter everyone!

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